"One Step Behind" are the UK's PREMIER MADNESS tribute band. The band was formed in Spring 1993 and has achieved widespread recognition in an unusually short time.

At first they played low profile venues in their native London, but quickly progressed and were invited to play larger and more prominent venues such as The Grand, The Venue and The Marquee.

Each member of One Step Behind grew up as a Madness fan and for each, perfecting his portrayal of his original Madness counterpart has been a labour of love. They strive to match every detail of the original, both musically and in appearance.


Like Madness, One Step Behind are well known for their on-stage antics with which they build up an authentic 'Nutty' atmosphere. This is One Step Behind's philosophy - to carry forward the Mad mantle into the noughties and beyond.

They feel that by replicating one of the nation's best-loved institutions, they are keeping alive the spirit that inspired a whole generation, and still enjoys enormous popularity today. One Step Behind see themselves as perpetuating the popularity of Madness, who now rarely appear in public.

One Step Behind are:

Ian Soulsby (Suggsby) - Lead Vocalist, Mike Brown (Dix) - Sax,

Ed “Edders” Pearson - Bass, Duraid “Alka-Setzler” Alkazraji - Drums,

Toby James - Guitar / Vocals,

Brendan Phipps (Monsieur Phippo) - Keyboards / Vocals

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